About Me



James here or @Yatesy17 as those of you from instagram know me. I just wanted to write a little introduction to me and what I am about.


I started training when I was about 15. All my mates trained, played rugby and were getting big. The competitiveness in me wanted to keep up and so I dived head first and blind into a gym. Over the first. 5 or so years of training it was about lifting as heavy as possible, and looking back I knew basically nothing. 


This then changed at university to being aesthetic and still knowing very little to then moving to Australia with my best mate and going back to lifting as heavy as possible and eating like a horse. I still knew very little. 


One day I looked in the mirror and decided I looked a fool and came to the conclusion I needed to lean down and here we are. I know a bit more than I did but am still very much so on the learning curve. My training has developed into very intense, short workouts, decided to smash my heart rate up, sweat as much as possible and collapse in a heap at the end. 


I enjoy the challenge of pushing through the pain barrier and exhorting myself as much as I can, as quickly as possible and then calling it a day. I liked coming up with the workouts, finding equal numbers or nice patterns and so decided to start writing them in a scrapbook. I posted them on social media and got great feedback and a million questions so decided to make it a book for people to use and here we are! 


Enjoy the book, tag me in anything you post, I love seeing it all. I hope it helps you move a little more and get a good sweat on!


All my love