Diet. Or more specifically, my diet.

Hey all, 

The feedback from everyone using my book has been surreal and amazing so just want to say thank you for that. It’s exceeded my expectations and I’m absolutely honoured that people are using it so frequently.


one common question, in fact the most common, I get on social media is around diet, and if I’m going to produce a book based around that. The answer, for now, is no. And I’ll explain is so specific for individuals that I simply don’t want to put out there some kind of book or guide that is generic and doesn’t particularly help anyone. And I certainly don’t want to take anybody’s money for that. I also will happily admit, I am absolutely not in a place where I am knowledgable enough to be giving out competent advice to each individual, and I am still learning a lot about my own.


What I will do however is give you an insight here into my own diet. Now, like I’ve said, this won’t work for everyone. It probably won’t work for most. It’s definitely not even the most ‘effective’ diet I could be on. But for me it’s a happy medium between energy levels for performance, health and enjoying my food. 


I don’t eat breakfast (unless it’s the weekend and my friends have got a brunch on, in which case I’m all up in that). I don’t eat until 2pm infact. I intermittently fast and my eating window is generally between 2-10pm. It was hard to start with but now I am fine getting by on black coffee and water. It allows me to consume more calories in my main meals and also I like training on an empty stomach. 


I will then break(my)fast at around 2 pm with a high protein, high fat meal. This can be an omelette, or something similar, some form of meat, usually some avocado, some eggs, a protein shake etc. I will allow myself some carbs, eg toast, or if I have sushi I’ll have some, but the bulk of the meal will be protein and fats. Always with a big side of vegetable, a mix of green veg and things like peppers.


My evening meal with generally be high protein high carb. This is where I usually have rice, potatoes, pasta etc. Again, a high source of protein there but lower on the fats and lots of green veg.


And then before bed at 10, I will generally have a bowl of oats with protein powder and some fruits. I also generally at this time have some form of treat. Usually a piece of cake, a chocolate bar or a cookie. Yes I have at least one treat a day. I have a sweet tooth, punish me. 


During the day I will snack on a protein bar, usually Grenade bars, and may pick up some fruit or some nuts to keep my going and I drink a lot of water and sparkling water.


People also ask a lot if I’m strict when I go out. Listen, if I’m going to a pizza place I’m getting pizza. And probably ice cream. But during the day I will reduce my calorie intake somewhat. It’s about balance. If I want those fries on the side, and I going to get them? Yeh I will. Do I always balance? No. You gotta love food too otherwise you’ll be likely to binge and mess up the hard work anyway.


In regards to alcohol... yes I love beer. Yes I drink. I will typically limit myself to a couple of pints before moving onto to something less calorie dense. My drink of choice is either a gin and slim, vodka soda or tequila soda (yep you read that right).


So there you have it. Not advice as such, but an insight into how I eat and drink etc. Hope that helps :)