About Me

Hey all


I’m James, it’s a pleasure to meet you all, at least online. 


Firstly, fitness is for everyone. You don’t need to join a gym to be more active, you don’t need to have an expensive trainer to drop a few pounds, and I like to encourage anyone to simply move their body more. I truly believe in being the best version of you you can be. This means not using others as a marker or a target, but simply being slightly better than you were yesterday. Constantly striving to improve yourself in any way that you can. Be it fitness, work, as a person, whatever it may be. Constant progression is the aim here. 


I am a model by profession but have always taken a keen interest in health and fitness. I was an avid footballer through my youth and still play today, and have always been a very active person. My work ensures I stay in ‘good’ shape but over the last 18 months I have taken a very new approach to training and have never felt better. 


I have gone from lifting big and heavy all week, with very little focus on conditioning to now basing virtually all my workouts about being mobile and intense. It’s the ‘lightest’ and fittest I have ever felt and lead me to creating my first book ‘A SCRAPBOOK OF CONDITIONING WORKOUTS’.


Instead of long sessions in the gym, most of my workouts are done in 20-30 minutes and often completed in my front room or garden. I like to get my head down for a short period of time, really go for it and come out sweating and panting. I like to push my body, mentally challenge myself and be creative with the workouts. The high intensity nature of the work really leaned me down and has me feeling better than ever. And the fact its done quickly and often with no more equipment than a skipping rope made it perfect for me when travelling but also for everyone that doesn’t want to hit the gym or is tight for time but still be active.


Those that follow me on social media will know that I use my channel to motivate people, encourage them to push themselves and see what they are capable of but in a way that isn’t a strict program style or a plan you must follow. It is me offering ideas and inspiration for you to use should you need some


It means the world to me to currently see so many people using my scrapbook as a way of improving themselves, testing what they can do, and come out the other side with their heads held high and smiling (whilst often swearing at me). It’s just the start and I’m so excited that so many of you have already joined me on this journey.